Surf Life Saving

Surf Life Saving Prize Homes

Surf Life Saving Prize Homes

Surf Life Saving Prize Homes

First Prize Value: approximately AUD$650,000!

Whenever you’re at the beach, Surf Life Saving pulls out all stops to keep you and your family safe. This is your chance to support our volunteer life savers and keep our beaches safe… plus you get the chance to win a fabulous new prize home!

Website | Tickets only $2 each

About The Surf Life Saving Prize Home Charity

55 million people visit Australia’s beautiful sunny beaches every year. Without the watchful eye of our dedicated “volunteer” life savers, many lives would be lost in our waters. These unsung heroes dedicate their time and skills to keeping our beaches safe – without any pay or reward!

Each year Surf Life Saving Australia patrol over 300 beaches, save more than 11,000 lives and perform around 50,000 first aid treatments around our coastal beaches.

To keep our beaches safer and perform their work, life savers need vital equipment… and lots of it. Inflatable Rescue Boats, Rescue Water Craft, Rescue Tubes, Rescue Boards, First-Aid Kits, Oxygen and Resuscitation equipment, Patrol Towers and much more. The cost of essential rescue equipment for each patrolled beach is a massive $25,000!

Click here to support Surf Life Saving and give yourself the chance to win a prize home!

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